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About Us

Dennis grew up in irrigation country just outside Lethbridge, Alberta. Linda grew up in this beautiful piece of southwest Alberta. We both grew up working hard and of course raising livestock. Dennis caught the Red Angus bug at the famous Red Round Up event in October 1996 hosted by the Canadian Red Angus Promotional Society. He knew the best of the best would be at Red Round Up, there he selected a couple of bred heifers from Clear River Red Angus (Lloyd and Donna Ross). Can't thank them enough for travelling all the way down from northern Alberta to bring their best. Of the two bred heifers, Lydian 67E runs deep into all our pedigrees. The females she produced and her offspring continue to produce sound, good footed, good uddered, powerful efficient cows.

I moved my red Angus operation to SE of Pincher Creek in 2003, a big change from irrigation to dryland. Kind of like what my dad always said, "somewhere different is not always better it's just what you make of it".  Located on the Yarrow Creek hence Yarrow Creek Ranch Red Angus was born. True homesteading began. Seeding all our land back to grass, building fences, water sources, shop, corrals truly is a process.........but we also truly love where we are.

We ranch with the goal to always improve the ranch for the generations to come; soil, air and water. We have implemented many best management practices to protect our water and improve the environment, while still raising cattle. We raise our cattle to deal with the elements that are put in front of them and our selections over time has paid off. We DNA parent verify, semen test and provide you with all the EPD information you are looking for. We also work hard at A.I. and herd bull selection, matching them carefully to our Mama cows. We believe these cows are what our commercial bull buyers are striving for. We also believe you have to have the best cows to raise the best bulls.

When Linda and I partnered Linda would not allow Dennis to enjoy just his "Red" angus cattle, she had to have her own and hence Yarrow Creek Farm Black Angus division was developed and Yarrow Creek Farm and Ranch was born.

We are blessed with 6 kids, 2 grandsons, 2 dogs and lots of friends. Our kids have all successfully completed undergraduate degrees and live in Alberta, Nebraska and Texas.


We look forwarad to meeting new people throughout the livestock industry in the years to come.



            Come and Visit


Were not hard to find:

From Pincher Creek: Travel south on Hwy #6 to Hwy #505 junction. Turn left (East) and travel to Rge Rd 28-4 (also called Foothills Park Rd.), then turn right (south) and head on into our ranch.

From Fort Macleod: Travel south on Hwy #810 (formerly known as the Blue Trail) to Hwy #505 junction just past Glenwood. Turn west and travel to Rge Rd 28-4 and turn left (south) and go about 2.5 miles to our ranch headquarters.


Looking forward to seeing you.


You also can just click on the Google Earth map to the right and see where we are in relation to where you are in the world.


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