YCR Mama Cows


These mama cows are the complete package based on their true genetic performance.

Red YCR Shawnee 1226Z
Red YCR Lydian 120Y
Red Brylor Annie 32Y
Red YCR Princess 107Y
Red YCR Princess 107Y
Red YCR Larkaba 119Y
Red Yarrow Creek Yoakam  607S
Red Fine Line Princess 54S
Red Yarrow Creek Minola 6S
Red Justamere Priscilla 244R.JPG
Red YCR Avril 2N
Red YCR Larkaba 802U
Red Swallow Lydian 8L
Red Swallow Yoakam 12L
Red Swallow Larkaba 5M
Red YCR Shawnee 728T
Red Swallow Reptona 1H
Red Swallow Hill Lydian 6G
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