YARROW CREEK Ranch Red Angus

YCR Red Angus

We have developed our Red Angus herd through very strategic selection of Herd Sires and A.I. Sires. The images below will indicate the type of Red Angus cattle we have strived for. Good sound cattle with performance attached to that pedigree.

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Red Wilbar CrackerJack 73F
Wheeler Unanimous
Red _RLH_Apex_76A
Red ALLSION Rickard's Red 20E
Red Wheel Unanimous 92E
Red YCR Exemption 1421B
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We phenotypically select the same type of bull, watching birth weights, performance and maternal qualities.

YCR A.I. Sires


We select very carefully A.I. bulls that will meet our expectations and be a good fit in our herd.

Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334
Red U2 Mission 61W
Red Anchor 1 Hitch 38T
Red LCC Glance B062M.jpg
Red Branded Beef
champlain serenade_0003.jpg
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YCR Proven HERD Sires

These herd sires have been the backbone of YCR. Originating with  Maximum 387N whom many cows are leaving a legacy. Romeo has left tremendous OSF cows that have very impressive growth. Storm has left tried and true cows.

Red _RLH_Apex_76A
Red U2 Mama's Boy 116B
Red Flying K Storm 59W
Red That'll Do Romeo 42T
Red U2 Maxiumum 387N.jpg
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